I’m Patti Jaynes, an independent marketing manager who specializes in working with small to medium business owners to craft and implement, simple and effective marketing strategies.

Through the years, I’ve met hundred of small to medium business owners, and the one thing I’ve found in common is this: When you go into business, you do so because you have a passion for your product, service, or customers. Your interests and expertise lie in the vision and goals of your business, and not necessarily in the marketing of that business. That is exactly what I love about marketing. I get to let business owners do what they’re great at – their business. I get to do what I’m great at -marketing their business. What a lot of business owners have trouble realizing is it that those two things aren’t one in the same – not by a long shot.

Marketing is a profession because it’s a full time job. Businesses that don’t have a marketing team still have to have a well-designed site, engaging social media, optimized content and all of the standard marketing tools that were not too long ago called bells and whistles. Today they are called business essentials. Let me take care of all of that, so you can take care of business.

“There are many distractions in advertising. Patty’s continued focus on the basics of good marketing has kept me on track. She is client-focused and available.”
— Tom Westman, Tully’s Kennels and Downtown Hound
“Patti, I can’t thank you enough for all your expertise in managing my advertising. While other auto repair shops are going through slow times, we have a steady flow of new customers coming in. Thanks again for your services!”
— Dwayne Meyer, Meyer’s Auto Service

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“I value Patti’s input on all of our marketing decisions to promote The Playing with Fire concert series, I have always been able to count on her and felt confident in relying on her knowledge of how to place my media to get me the most bang for my investment. I have worked with Patti Jaynes for 10 years.”
— Jeff Davis, Playing with Fire